Girls... Can I try these stores out? Or should I wait a while?

I went to old navy today to get a denim jacket. I normally wear a XXL (regular, NOT plus) in their clothes. Recently all my ON clothes in that size have been too big. So I tried a XXL jacket on and it was too big! :D I'm so happy I'm starting to get smaller and lose weight. I am now a XL{not much difference but it's progress (:} I'm wondering do you think I should try other stores like American Eagle/Wet Seal and you know.. juniors' sections in belk and stuff. Or am I getting ahead of myself? I'm very excited of my progress and I'm continuing with my lifestyle change to be a healthier, slim me. I have a goal to be a medium. I hope I can do it! (:


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  • Girl, go for it! Don't think for a bit that you're going ahead of yourself by any means. Congrats on your progress, and hope that you continue! :D Good luck


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