Need girls advice. What clothes are attractive?

I am not poorly dressed but I could use a little help. I like to wear sports clothes but I also wear the usual highschool stuff like hollister and American eagle etc. But like I know a lot of girls that don't find the guys who wear all the nike socks and stuff to be as attractive. I am totally fine wearing a nice shirt. I have dressed up before and it has gotten me good responses. But I was wondering what other clothes that were maybe on the less expensive side that I could buy to maybe look more attractive to girls than wasting my money on a pair of basketball shoes that will get me some respect from the guys around school. Just some suggestions about shoes pants shorts nike crew socks or just low socks. Shirts etc etc etc. I guess a better question would be. What outfit/styles are most attractive to highschool girls. I am 15 years old. Thanks in advance.


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  • It's not that girls find sports clothes unattractive, it's just if they wear it all the time. We like when guys put a little effort in how they look. But too much can be a little annoying. Honestly, if you just invest in a pair of simple Nikes, Adidas, or Vans it can help a lot. Pair that with a comfy pair of jeans and a tshirt and you're set. Urban Outfitters may be pricey but they have some pretty cool simple shirts. Also, put a nice smelling cologne on. Just not a lot to the point you can smell the alcohol.
    Oh, and the brands they have at Tilly's or any surf/board shop are cool.
    You can also try looking up some outfits on although, some of the outfits may be a bit feminine for your taste.


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  • Well I don't mind seeing guys in sports/athletic wear, sometimes, but it gets too much when I see them all the time in sweats and jerseys. Also another thing I ddon't find attractive is the calve high socks and nike/adidas slippers, especially when they did/are not going to the gym or played any sports, it just doesn't look good and kinda lame. I also don't like air jordans, sorry not a big fan and I don't know why guys are willing to spend $$$ on shoes like that when they don't even play the sport.

    I am not into brand names and don't need brand names to make me or my guy feel good or attractive. With that being said, I find stores like H&M to be a great place to start shopping at. The style they offer is very clean and modest and will get you the looks you want. Lots of girls these days, myself included, like guys who dress slightly preppy, clean and tailored. But I also do enjoy guys in a nicely worn out denims and an old shirt. Their laid back look is very attractive and I can't help but stare, so you'll definitely get some glances.

    In short, when you go shopping, look for clothes that compliment your height and built and find a style that represents your personality. After all, dressing in a certain way will attract different attention from different crowds of people, so dress the way you would want to look becasue you will attract girls that like the things you do.

  • Sadly at your age, if you dress to please the girls you don't please the boys.
    As long as you know how to pair your clothes correctly you can shop at places like old navy and still look like you got everything from a top brand name store.

  • I am 19 years old and really in my experience not every girl has the same type of things they look for in a guy which also goes for what they wear. However, a good rule of thumb in my opinion is that color coordination is a big plus. No matter if you're wearing sports attire or Hollister and American Eagle, when you match it makes a difference. For example, I have a friend who will wear a Blue hat with purple liner with a blue and purple plaid shirt along with a pair of black pants and white shoes with blue accents. Now obviously you don't have to wear this exactly but when the colors match it tends to look better. Just keep in mind that black and white match everything. Literally. And you can't match just any shade of a color with a different shade, they have to be around the same if not exactly the same. I hope this helps. And also, if there's any girl or girls specifically you like, try and pay attention to the guys they hang out with and maybe the things they're interested in. That should help too.

  • No socks with sandals. Like, EVER.
    Simple shoes, not the ridiculously neon bright shoes or super thick chunky ones or ones that look like they're made out of rubber. I personally love Vans and Converse, but of course there are plenty of other brand shoes that look good, too. Just nothing too flashy.

    Shirts that fit right. Some guys wear super loose/baggy shirts, sometimes to the point where it looks like the shirt is swallowing them. Get the right fit. Same thing with pants. Nothing loose or baggy but please don't wear very tight jeans that look like the guy version of girls' super skinny jeans, that's just messed up. Fit is important.

    There's nothing wrong with the sporty look. Keep in mind that different guys (and girls, for that matter) can definitely pull off different things, and current clothing fads or trends may not always look good on you, which is okay.

    My personal favorite is khakis with Vans or Converse and a fitted tee.


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