Opinion on appearances and approach?

Durrango boots, dark blue/blackish wranglers, black v-neck shirt, three chains with one attached to a wallet and other to a Harley davidson key fob with my 883 key attached to it and the other chain attached to a set of keys and dog tags, cross, skull rings, class ring , black chevy racing hat with barbed wires so would I be hard to talk/ uneasy if you saw a guy with a tattoo sleeve wearing this type of clothes and were flirting with you?


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  • I can't be honest without being rude. But I would be humoured. Not intimidated.

    • Why humoured?

    • Wranglers and chains? Really? Everything about that screams wanna-be redneck hick. Opposite of what I find attractive.

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  • A pictures worth a thousand characters.


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  • I'm sorry it's hard to visualize by description, maybe post a picture? I'm not sure.

  • I'd think you were a poser who decided to mix cowboy and biker cultures into one ugly clusterfuck.

    • I just read it again and laughed hysterically. Late night laughs are the best laughs.

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    • Not to mention drinking while bored at night doesn't help much with my wording... rereading what I wrote makes me think I think I need more to drink

    • So pretending that I believe you...I'll say you're trying too hard to dress the part. And you're a clusterfuck.

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