Can guys handle reality? Real women with cellulite, facial hair and periods?

Guys, I want you to do something for me. I know, we've never met and this may sound like a really weird request but ...Look at the women in your life, mothers, sisters, cousins, girlfriends, crushes, the girl next door etc. etc. Think about how far they have all come form their natural state. Please don't be put off by that last statement!

How many of them dye their hair, shave/wax/yank their body hair off, wear fake tan, risk getting skin cancer form sunbathing, wear false nails/eyelashes, wear coloured contact lens, paint their toenails, straighten/curl their hair, wear padded bras or underwear which pull every inch of fat in everywhere, or how many have had the ultimate and had cosmetic surgery.

Women do all of these things to fit into the modern idea of the perfect woman. To look like Beyonce, Katie Perry, Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston.

Is it not scary to know that if you took all of their fakery away from them that they would look simple and plain the real girl next door as opposed to that blonde in the film. Imagine Beyonce when she wakes up in the morning, bad breath, bad hair, puffy eyed...normal, and not at all like in that Halo video where she is wearing a ton of make-up it is just that you cannot see it. Imagine if girls had body hair! Would guys be able to handle reality? If you need inspiration just google Julia Roberts and the word armpits.


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  • i actually prefer 'real women'. I don't want some superstar celebrity, cause I actually would never date or have sex with beyonce, or whatever. Celebrities look way too fake, I want a woman with humanity. I don't want someoen who's trying to look like a celebrity, cause well I just don't like ti on different levels. first of all, I don't find it attractive. second, I'd hate for a girl to try and change herself or to become somethign she's not. something the media juststuck in her head and said 'here, this si what yo uhave to look like. now go have surgery, take diet pills and becoem anoerexic.'. Sure, its important to take care of yourself, shower adn such, but its also important (and something I prefer, and find mroe attractive) when a girl acknoledges that she's only human, she will have mornign breath, she has to got to the bathroom, and she will age with time. I think a person's humanity is beautiful. I don't want a plastic doll. so to answer yoru question straight. I prefer 'reality'.


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  • Simple and plain is not that bad, we all run into the wrong people or to better explain this you may run into guys that have problems with this but I run into girls in there early 20's expecting them to act like grown women and they act like they are still in high school. I love girls that are beautiful without all of the BS and are straight up. I like this post, I know not every girl is like the one's I keep meeting and I know that not all guys are complete scooby's lol that expect girls to be perfect because I'm not.

  • Well personally I do a lot to work on my appearance as well as many other guys. We work out for hours to build muscle, we run and do countless crunches so we have a six pack like brad pit, we shave our face EVERY DAY, we naturally smell so we take a few showers a day, and deodarize and cologne ourselves to smell appealing. We GROW HAIR EVERYWHERE, yea if you think ur lifes hard, try imagining growing hair thick everywhere, then having to wax, shave, trim it until you think you look good.

    Blah blah blah the fact of the matter is you need to work on yourself to look good to the opposite sex. And no we wouldn't go for a hairy fat woman, just like you wouldn't go for a hairy fat slob of a man unless you have much lowered expectations.

    Just enjoy your physical advantages and work on the flaws, nobody is perfect but it isn't a bad thing to try.


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  • I have always said I am an illusion, I have told guys that they don't seem to care...It don't seem to put them off even after I tell them all my faults. Interesting huh? You are so very right about being simple and plain...

    • Thanks! I think the guys didn't really get what I was trying to say. A haircut is relatively natural to let people see their face, to cool down in summer blah blah blah. But there is other stuff which is just so unreal, ya know?