What hairstyles look good on a teen dude?

I've had the same hair forever and I'm gonna change it, so I might as well take this chance to do something really cool!
So, what hairstyles do you think would look good on teen guys? (My face/head shape is pretty much the same as that blonde guy in One Direction, and I have black hair if that helps)


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  • You can never go wrong with a modern comb over or pompadour. I get it's EVERYWHERE. But it's a hairstyle that honestly looks formal yet casual.
    But it can look different with your hair type.
    Do you have thick or fine hair? Curly, straight, or wavy hair?

    • Thick and straight-ish. I can make it completely straight if need be. Not quite wavy, though.

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    • I made a blog lol.
      go to hairstuvwxyz. tumblr. com
      Hope it helps.

    • Thanks! :)

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