Can I wear a cowboy hat? I live in rural upstate New York. Girls, what do you think?

I'm not a farmer, or involved in anything rodeo related, but I bought this grey Resistol cowboy hat (new old stock at a yard sale). I want to wear it ocassionally (anytime I was outside at home, or camping). If I did wear it would I look like an idiot? I'd probably wear it with a flannel shirt, maybe a T-shirt. I don't know if this matters, but I'm 6ft 2in, have dark brown hair, pale skin (i'm polish and Irish), blue eyes, I'm very muscular, and I'm pretty far off from being ugly (sorry about being pompous). I'm curious because it's pretty far off from anything I'd normally wear, and I don't really associate myself with the country life style. Best way to describe it is I was born to country parents who raised me to act, talk, and be more like someone from the city.


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  • Some people pull it off and some don't. In the end its what you like that matters. There are a lot of things that are truly idiotic. Like letting your ass cheeks come out of your pants and wobble like a duck because your pants are tight around your thighs haha. Or having so much cleavage you might as well of left the shirt at home and slapped on some pasties.
    Do whatever you like.

  • you'll look ridiculous probably. It's a lifestyle pretty much and if you don't live the lifestyle but dress that way then you're a poseur but no one would know unless they know you're not a rancher, wrangler, cowboy, or a rider. You'll automatically look ridiculous to city people but country folk (if they don't know you personally) will know when you start to talk. I can spot a fake cowboy from a country mile away.

    • Not trying to be a fake cowboy, I just like the hat. Up here, people from the country generally don't sound that different from people in the city accent wise. City people where cowboy hats occasionally to live out the," country dream."

      Thanks for the help.

    • You're welcome. I just hate the idea of using a way of life as a costume.

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