Bellybuttons. Is pierced once enough.?

I have been noticing girls with there bellybuttons pierced twice. Is that the new thing going on.


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  • You've probably been seeing girls with dangley jewelry that makes it look like it's pierced twice but actually isn't.

    • i thought of that also, but it is pierced twice, it was weird to me because I thought you could only do it once.

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  • Twice? Well it is possible... I'm pretty sure its just a trend in ur area though

    • I live in Bakersfield, CA anything is possible, but a trend I don't know we will have to see where it goes.

  • I've never seen that yet, I thought you could only have it pierced once lol

    • Ah so did I, but now it's like you can actually pierce throw the actually bellybutton if you are luck to have an outie, and in-between. I think that is interesting sot see. Thanks for answering me back.

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