What to wear on a date in summer with your boyfriend?

I've been going out with this guy for 2 months, and we r going to the movies and into town. It's really hot atm as well.
What should I wear? Ik he doesn't mind what I wear but I don't know whether shorts are a good idea!


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  • You can wear a nice floral printed dress if you have one. Or you can also wear a summer shorts in pastel colors or it can be denim too with light white color sleeveless top with floral motifs. Also for makeup go light and natural. Shoes you can wear some pretty sandals or converse. Why I say floral because it's feminine and it's in and also it's summer. Good luck with your date. Hope it helps.


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  • If you're comfortable with your body, I'd suggest short shorts, they're cute, playful annnnd sexy :p guys like booty haha


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