Am I too hot in this outfit?

I usually wear t-shirt and jeans.

But as soon as I put a blazer as well, the average girl seems to ignore me, but some of the really hot ones suddenly seem to notice me.

Am I intimidating normal girls?


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  • why the hell would u rather have a 'normal' girl then a smoking hot one? seriously, guys always tell me i'm super hot, and girls to sometimes, but they always go for the girls that are supposed to by average...

    • Thanks :-)

    • Because girls want to be equal partners, while guys want to rule over girls.
      Most guys go for average girls, because of two reasons:

      A) They think that they don't deserve the hot ones.
      B) They think, because the girls look average no other guy will approach them and they are easier and desperate for love. The problem is most guys think this way and thus the average looking girls are the ones with the most attention and experience.

    • Huh. That makes sence. In a dum boy way of course... no offence, i m not meaning to insult u personally u actually srem pretty smart, its just ur gender in general... haha jk

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  • i would notice an idiot wearing a blaze for no reason


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