Body lotion/moisturizer for hair?

Can body moisturizer be used for hair? I have a very frizzy hair and I tried all kinds but it still is the same.

Any other ideas?
Any products that can be applied on dry hair instead of wet hair?


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  • That sounds ratchet...
    Use serums and oils and stuff


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  • no it can't
    use leave in conditioner
    you obviously haven't tried enough
    cause then you would have researched products
    and known better
    any way, if thats you in the picture your hair probably isn't frizzy
    try argan leave in conditioner
    if that doesn't work then its damaged

    • That sure is me, that's my hair when its on the day I washed my hair and applied all kinds of products. though now it has grown longer and thicker. I do not want to try every single product that is on the shelves, just worried it will affect my hair too much.

    • you should really try "one 'n' only" argan products
      i have crrrraaazzzyyy curly hair
      and it keeps the curls and removes the fuzz

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  • Don't use a body moisturizer for your hair. Body products aren't meant to be used on your hair and they may wear it down.
    I use Pantene Balsamo Spray Conditoner. It's not expensive, it works great for me and I also love the smell of it. I also use Elvive Extraordinary oil which does a good job in moisturizing your hair. If you end up buying it, you should only apply a small amount of it on your hair, otherwise your hair may end up looking greasy.

  • Try coconut oil.. Put it in, then shower. It helps my skin and hair a ton with dry frizz

    • I tried that for a month but after a day it would go back to the frizzy hair

  • I use Dove's hair therapy nourishing oil care detangler which "can be used after or even between washes to instantly nourish and smooth hair leaving it frizz-proof and manageable". I find that it works great for me and as long as you don't spritz to much your hair won't be oily looking at all. I also use Palmer's olive oil shampoo and condition, which smells great and works awesome for me also

  • It's a quick fix on the go. C: I have really frizzy hair too. Xp

    I recently bought coconut oil and it makes me hair feel and look healthy and less frizzy. CX It also smells really nice~

    I think it was 12 dollars at Walmart. I don't have the product with me right now, but you can message if you want to know more and I'll send you more information. ^_^

    • Coconut oil? I tried that since I was 7 till 18 but got sick of how oily it made my hair and people used to complain that my hair stinks.

    • Oh... Well I use it on my hair after a shower. :3 It does making it a little oily looking if I put a lot but it controls the frizzes. XD

  • I've tried it when I am out and have nothing else. Its not good for your hair.
    Try Fx Silk Drops! Helps a crap ton.
    Or get Fx Moroccan Oil or whatever its called. ... Both helped me and I have long wavy frizzy hair

    • Unfortunately We don't get this product in my country nor anywhere in Asia. :(

    • Damn! Go to your hair supply store or aisle and look around and read bottles and pick a few things that look like they'll be good. That's how I find stuff.

  • Aussie 3 minute miracle conditioner is heaven sent and makes my hair SUPER soft (they make one for colored hair as well).


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