For the beauticians out there or folk who know their hair?

I want white blonde hair. I'm very pale with bright blue eyes, pink cheeks and naturally reddish lips, so I think it would look good. Only problem is my hair is very dark brown naturally and I've been dying it ginger for about 4 years. It's still in very good shape considering. I initially started to bleach then dye it red. But then I found a high impact dye for dark hair. Which is what I've been using to great effect. It does have blonde tones you can dye your hair but it doesn't have white blonde.
Also due to money this is definitely an at home thing. I'm pretty broke but my roots are showing so I either gotta go red again or change it up


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  • If you're keen on doing at home it will take a few steps. But first you're going to have to get bleach/developer (if you go to a Sally's they'll help you find the right one). You will also need a very light blonde dye, something with cool/ash tones (not golden) if you want the icy toned blonde. Apply the bleach, wait, rinse out. You will probably end up with an unattractive yellowy-blonde colour. That's when you apply the blonde dye, which will hopefully give you a much nicer platinum.
    I used to dye my roots this way, the first time I had it done I went to a salon, but this is basically what they did... it took like 5 hours, but I was dark brown to start. If you screw it up then you can always go in and have them fix it :P But just be aware that this will all be very very damaging to your hair.

    • Also to help the roots process better you can put a plastic shopping bag over your head while bleaching, it helps hold the heat in more so it'll be a bit more even. Just take it off every now and then to check how fast things are moving along.

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