Last minute TV and film fancy dress outfits?

Hellllooo, been invited to a last minute party and the theme is TV and film but I don't have a costume, need something easy to throw together, cheap and I wear glasses so something that could fit in with that, any ideas? Thankyouuuuu!


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  • Get a rectangular box, black spay paint, spray the box black, some glue, white. paper and a Xbox one pic and, boom you're and Xbox one


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  • Wear a green, blue, or pink dress with white tights and black shoes----->Power puff girl
    yellow crop top, jean shorts, red suspenders, & sneakers ---> Misty from Pokemon
    Headband, fake dreads, checkered (hopefully worn out) shirts, dirty jeans--->Michonne from Walking Dead
    pink wig, pink shirt, green shorts or skirt, pink shoes, purple flower in hair --->Patrick from spongebob

    • Oh wait! I just read the glasses thing lol sorry :)
      Revised list:
      Pink shirt, jeans, white shoes, pink beanie-->Meg from family guy
      white coat/shirt/lab coat, black pants, black shoes, purple gloves--> Dexter from Dexter's laboratory
      Orange sweater, red skirt, orange knee socks, red shoes, fake freckles--->Velma from Scooby Doo
      blue shirt (with a planet on it if you could), green shorts/pants, yellow socks, red sneakers, fake freckles and crazy hair---->Chuckie from Rugrats

    • Ahh your a genius! Thankyou! I think ill go as chuckie from rugrats! ;D

    • No problem! & good choice haha :)

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  • kind of depends who you want to be


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