Girls, do you ever wonder what kind of message your wardrobe is sending to the guys? Do you shop based solely on trends?

How many of you *really* think about how an outfit will look, *on you* before you buy it?

Do you stop and consider how much skin you'll be showing? How low the neck line will plunge, or if the straps will slide down your shoulder?

How often do you intentionally wear something that will encourage men to stare at your chest? How often do you find yourself getting angry at men for staring?

The reasons I'm asking these questions are very simple. Most fashion designers are men. I don't honestly know if it's some kind of male insider conspiracy to get women to show off the goods, but I do know that a lot of you younger girls out there don't stop to think about how it looks; you want it because of the label, and which famous person wore it.

I'm curious, let's hear your thoughts, men are welcome to comment on this too!


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  • Well if they went into a dressing room and tried it on, definitely!

    I don't know about fashion designers being men and all but honestly, I blame parents for what our kids wear these days more than anything. The price for the clothes comes out of their pockets and such. There's plenty of "less fashionable" clothes out there and honestly, people should be smart enough to know that half the price or more of most clothes is the silly label that nobody notices anyway.

    As for people 20+, I see a kind of, repeat pattern. The girls wear revealing clothing, call guys pervs who whistling at them and stuff, and complain about how they don't want to be "treated like a piece of meat." But I do see girls wanting to "feel sexy" and all that but I feel like they're just going about it the wrong way. Granted the weather is getting hotter out, I still think some of the outfits are just too revealing. I shouldn't be able to see a woman's underwear effortlessly and some girls are using so much makeup to the point where it's just plain ridiculous. As for women wearing tank tops, they want people to see their chest and even brag about it on Facebook from what I see. Yet they'll whine about how people shouldn't "objectify" women when they're clearly objectifying themselves. Read about on here and you'll see the general opinions of guys saying that they prefer women who are more clothed and not showing their body off if they're considering a serious relationship.

    • Exactly! When a man "lays claim" to a woman, he wants to feel special knowing that she is *his*. He won't want a woman who lets it all hang out for anyone to see!

    • Yea I remember one dating profile on pof where I sarcastically commented on a girl's profile because she clearly was making cleavage pics for sex appeal but wrote at the bottom of her profile that she didn't want pervs to message her. I got this angry message back calling me a fuckface and how she can dress however she wants and apparently not get perverted messages. So it's clear that many of these girls dressing like this are not stable to begin with when hit with common sense.

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  • I think a lot of girls (especially younger) do dress with intentions to allure/entice men. Others dress for other women. Some dress sorely for comfort.

    If I'm going out at night, I will wear a tight dress with heels. Why? It makes me feel good. I don't mind if guys check me out - its flattering.

    Day to day, I'm more conservative and even slightly androgynous.. I do note those things when I buy clothing, especially because I'm busty. I dress for my body type.


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  • I'm not into trends. A lot of current trends don't look too good on me, and I'm not going to wear clothes that don't look good on me just because it's the popular thing to do. I only wear clothes that I like and that fit me right.

  • I buy something if it looks good on me. I shouldn't have to feel worried about what a man is thinking when he sees me so I don't. I don't get angry for staring I get angry when I get harassed on the street or anywhere.

  • I have a unique style - usually I will see something I've worn a month later on people because it's all of a sudden trendy. Some people are trendy and some people follow trends to feel socially accepted.

  • I don't shop based on trends, I just get whatever I think looks good on me without being too revealing. I don't intentionally wear something that will get men to stare at my chest. Most of the time I actually dress just for comfort :)


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