(For curvier/bigger girls) Frustrated about finding dresses and skirts that fit me and look good?

I'm 5'2 and 220lbs... I love my body, I really do :D Being a fluffy magical fluff is pretty awesome..

Except the fact that since summer is here, I am having one hell of time finding dresses and skirts that look good and fit me.

Main problem...

skirts that I love end up too short, too tight, or just don't look good at all. I'm pretty clueless about what type of dresses or skirts would look good and where to find that style in the patterns and such I like!

I'm top heavy, and have a abnormally round butt for a white girl o. o So everything's just out of whack when I go to look for clothing.

Any advice? :D
Picture of me in an outfit that probably definitely sucks. XD But, just for all those people who are probably thinking of me as a whale. >< https://z-1-scontent-a. xx. fbcdn. net/hphotos-xfa1/t1.0-9/10155039_652091538190486_4040249925426336113_n. jpg
stupid link! here it is! https://z-1-scontent-a. xx. fbcdn. net/hphotos-xfa1/t1.0-9/10155039_652091538190486_4040249925426336113_n. jpg


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  • I think what you are wearing in the picture looks good! It can be frustrating, but there are definitely places to find clothing if you are bigger. Additionelle, Lane Bryant, even Forever 21 has plus size options.

    I know your pain! I am bigger too and it's so hard to find stuff that looks nice and works. in my opinion stretchy fabrics are best because they can move and conform to your curves.

    Maxi dresses and skirts, even shorter skirts can look nice too. Wear it with confidence. Accessories can help as well. You may have to shop around to find stores that have decent sizing. I know some clothes are just made really small and aren't true to size, so that makes it hard.

    • Thanks, this is really the most helpful comment and one the only ones that didn't make me annoyed >.< It is really frustrating when some places XL is more like a M o. o Thanks for your help!

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  • I hate to say it, but you seriously need to get in shape... you're 5'2" and 220 pounds? Have you done one of those BMI checks? (I'm assuming you're not very muscular, so it would be fairly accurate.) Medically, you qualify as morbidly obese.

    • And a lot of people try to say "oh, there's nothing unhealthy about being larger." Problem is, the medical profession agrees that yes, it is. risk of heart attack, diabetes, stroke, and cancer literally skyrocket for someone that overweight. Hell, I'm 8 inches taller than you, strong enough I can run up a wall, grab the bottom of a railing and pull myself up--and you outweigh me by 50 pounds or so.

    • Thanks for your concern but I am perfectly healthy and happy with the way I am. :) Fat doesn't mean unhealthy, I eat plenty good things and exercise every day. So thanks anyway for your opinion.

  • oh, thats not bad.

  • That's like a arguing how sew a hole in your clothes in stead of dealing with the stab wound that caused it. Loose weight, 220lbs is ridiculous for any female

    • wow... For your information I'm happy with how I look, and plenty of other people are too. You don't even know what I look like! So, thanks for being a dick. :)

    • You are ridiculous for even saying that! How dare you criticize anyone for anything. For her, her body might not be her insecurity but everyone has them. And critiquing anyone about anything like that can hurt others. I used to be bigger and even if someone just looked at me I thought that they were making fun of my size. When people hurt people, people get hurt. The world isn't all sunshine and rainbows so let's try to make it as kind as we can. Okay?

    • Would that be politically correct kindness where we all smile, hold hands and sing as someone's daughter is rolled into the emergency room after having a heart attack before 30? Or is in the kindness that cuts deep at the problem with all due honesty and genuine care that is needed to change someone's fate? No? Well let's join hands and sing a lullaby whilst we drown in lava then, that sounds nice

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  • You are not going to like my answer, but I am going to be honest with you. You need to lose the extra weight not for aesthetic reasons but because it's unhealthy to be 220 pounds in your height. You may encounter health problems in the future and I don't really think it's a good thing to encourage an unhealthy lifestyle. I am not trying to be rude and it's not my intention to make you feel bad, I am just sharing my point of view. It's good that you're comfortable with yourself, but I think you also need to put some effort in losing the extra weight. I think you can do it.
    As for style advice:
    -If you're looking to buy skirts, you should look for the ones with an A-line cut. Avoid pencil skirts at all costs.
    -Remember: Dark colors can hide your flaws, while light colors highlight. If your strong feature is your breast area, then try wearing a lighter top and if your-not-so-strong feature are your legs, wear a dark skirt or dark pants.
    -Avoid horizontal stripes on the dresses. Instead, choose dresses with diagonal or vertical stripes. They can make you appear thinner.
    -Don't wear things that are too tight/small on you.

    • Thanks for your opinion, but there isn't anything wrong with being plus size. It doesn't make a person unhealthy either. Just the same way being really skinny doesn't make a person unhealthy. I have always been naturally plus size, its the way I was born, and I have no plans to change myself. I exercise everyday and eat healthy as well, it is not like I sit around eating junk and never move around. This is just how I am I love it. But thanks again for your opinion :)

  • I can't see the picture, I used to be heavier, but I'm also 5'10" and I've always liked maxi skirts. I'm not sure how they look on someone who is 5'2" though. I would suggest going to Torrid or another plus size store and seeing which style suits you, if Torrid is too pricey... go find the same style somewhere more affordable. Old Navy has a plus line online I think, hope this helps.

    • And for all the people saying you should just lose weight, ignore them. You don't want to, and even if you did, are you not supposed to dress nicely in the meantime? Fuck them.

  • I'm not a bigger girl but I've seen some great clothes for big women at:

    Ashley Stewart www.ashleystewart.com/home

    Lane Bryant https://www.lanebryant.com/

    I also know what helps look better in clothing is wearing a girdle underneath your outfits to
    smooth your appearance down (in the front) or pull you in to make your stomach appear smaller or more firm.

    I also recommend maxi skirts or maxi dresses, they look great.

    Keep being confident.
    You'll find clothing that works for you.

    • Thanks, officially regretting posting this question because of rude people. >< But thanks for your answer it means a lot :D

    • Don't regret it.
      there's going to be people that give you rude comments where ever you go.
      Just ignore it and don't let it bother you.

  • Rock on! I find that things that don't have much structure look the best. Or something that has an elastic back. Frock type dresses look the best! Or like she said maxis are beautiful on anyone! Go strong honey! And don't let anyone tear you down

  • Maxi dresses might look nice on you

  • I think there is a difference between curvy and big...

    • You are 5'2" 220 honey that's not curvy that's big

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    • I doubt you eat healthy and excercise with that weight that's not natural unless you have a health problem. I'm pretty positive this is something you would say

    • Thanks for your opinion love, but you can go fuck yourself, and continue being judgmental :)

  • I think you should lose some weight

    • Thank you, but I'm perfectly happy with myself and perfectly healthy as well!

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