Okay ladies what's your favorite lingerie brand? And also what do you look for in a Lingerie: answer the poll?

for me it's both comfort and style so i'd mostly go for either jockey or hanes. and very rarely i go for victoria's secret.
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  • In terms of style, i love Agent Provocateur but it is pretty much useless in terms of comfort/support. I have found that the brand Honey Birdette is the best for my shape and i do love the style as well. So I'd say that's my favorite. Style is really important, you want to get a natural shape but still keep them strapped in so to speak. And when the style is right, you find that it's comfortable as well.


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  • what if... you just skip the foreplay... and ask the "guy" what turns him on?

    save money... go naked... suck n %&$*

    ... all your efforts go bye-bye in the first five minutes hun


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