What size Lolita skirt should I get if I'm 5 foot 1 inch? How do I get my boyfriend to realize it's not a fetish?

Ok so I'm 128 lbs. 5'1" which is like 155 cm and my legs are almost normal in size I have a somewhat small torso and was wondering about what size I should get for my first Lolita skirt. I'm having trouble with this because the clothes are coming from Japan which are different from the U. S. sizes. I'm also having trouble getting my boyfriend to stop thinking of it as a fetish. If people did their research they'd realize it really is a street fashion. (Also It's not related to the freaky book people think of when hey hear the name the on similarity is the name and that's it.)

P. s. Lolita is a Japanese street fashion not a fetish so for those who are thinking wrong get it out of your head. >:I
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  • No idea what size for you to get. https://forums.lolitafashion.org/ Maybe this site will help? Or you could look up some videos on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlQdaBw_muY Maybe this one could give you help explaining it to him?

    • Huh, I knew it did that with pics and gifs but it works with vids too.

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    • That awesome. I am sure you will look amazing.

    • Awww thank you. ^u^

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What Guys Said 4

  • Even street fashion can be a fetish if you find it arousing. Hell, I think pyjamas can be quite sexy, too. I don't see anything wrong with the existence of fetishes unless they're extremely deviant and promote violence and inequality.

  • m 57... hmm, i know diddly about Japanese street fashion, but i often find that girls who seek specific clothing items, be it short-shorts or schoolgirl or Lolita or whatever, often defend themselves against adult judgement by saying, "it's just a style". I say wear the damn things and enjoy.
    Not sure why you go to all the trouble hunting down these items and then offer dissertation as to what they mean or don't mean. And specifically you devote a special sentence to Nabakov's book. It's like you want to wear the skirts but you want to put up a billboard explaining what it does or does not mean.
    As for your boyfriend, well remember, the definition of fetish involves the narrowing down to precise anatomical parts. Other than the anatomical thing, your attempts to narrow down could be considered... well... fetishistic.

    • People tend to think the book when they hear the name. I just wanted to make it clear that there's no relation. The only thing they have in common is the name, but the names are there for different reasons.

  • He can't help what he fetishises about... it's what he likes.

    • Well it's rather annoying. :T

    • Well, tell him to stop watching so much anime then, but for god fucking sake, it's just a freaking fetish. Get over it

  • Actually, 128 pounds is a bit fleshy for 5'1" If you want that look, you need to part with 15.
    2 Asians in the house. One is 5'2/115 (solid), the other 4'11/105 (sleek).

    If you are dealing with a guy with an Asian "fetish", you may want to look elsewhere.

    • They have plus sized Lolita who are like 200+ lbs. and I'm not Asian I'm African American so I don't think it's really an Asian fetish with him he just like small and cute things I suppose. I like innocently cute things fashion wise not things that make me look hot. I wish he wouldn't think it's fetish-y when it really is just a street fashion. It's a fashion based on the vintage, rococo, and Victorian era's mostly. Also much of my weight is in my boobs (I wear a 34C) and my bum (I wear a size 4 in womens.) :T

What Girls Said 2

  • it is street fashion but it's not common which is why even most japanese assume it's a fetish. i have a lovely collection of angelic pretty ♡ (i used to work there once upon a time)

    don't expect people to understand or accept. just ignore them.

    judging from your height and weight i'd say S or M.

    • You are like one of two most awesome people I've come across since certain people have found this question. I've bought my first outfit already though and decided to go with M. I can't afford brand named clothing yet because of monetary reasons, but hopefully one day I can buy my first brand name piece. If I could vote for most helpful twice I'd pick your answer too.

  • the term Lolita, although it is a street fashion in Japan, does come from the book Lolita. The main female character is a schoolgirl who the main male character is infatuated with and sleeps with. That's why the Lolita look is a sort of sexy schoolgirl, because of the book. By the way, Lolita was only 12 which is why people thing it's creepy and pervy.

    • The person who started the fashion however only used the name because the name is a French name. He wasn't going for school girl loving pedophile thing. It's why it's based on the Victorian and Rococo (a FRENCH era) era's.

    • despite the fact that a lot of them are dressed as schoolgirls or dolls? I think he should have researched the name a little better considering the similarities.

    • Many Lolita are not dressed as school girls. The look may be dollish, but no one's trying to be exactly like a doll unless you're in the living doll community (the living doll community and Lolita communities are two different communities). The only similarity is the name. You may have looked up the name of the book, but I can tell you haven't done and deeper research on the FASHION.

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