What is so great, I don't get it?

I have blue eye ( or so I have been told) what's so great about blue. I mean its just a color.


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  • when I talk to people, I maintain a LOT of eye-contact, so sometimes that's the first thing I notice in guys :) Eyes and then smiles, or vice-versa.
    I like blue eyes, mainly because I don't have a pair of my own :p but regardless, people like to look at other peoples eyes because it is a more vulnerable part of their face and gives a look into the persons inner self. Haven't you heard of the saying, "the eyes are the windows to a persons soul?"
    Anyway, eyes give a lot of character to people's faces and can give away what you're really feeling inside.

    • One of the nicest eyes I've seen, was my friends hazel eyes, I'm not even sure if their hazel becasue they seem to change with his mood. But on some days, their this deep green with golden flecks in them (sigh) soooo beautiful :)

    • Thanks for the MH:)

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  • It is a more rare eye color than a lot of people think. I love all eye colors but lots of people tend to like rare things.


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  • They're different from the norm. It's not so much the colour, but the uniqueness of them. If the average was blue, then brown eyes would be considered more appealing.


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