Not a huge cologne person but getting into it?

So I've been going around and testing, I don't wear it often because I have very dry skin and the fear of it causing irritation.. anyways I did order a few samples but I wonder how many people like to look for that hidden cologne that's not sold at almost every single store?

I ordered a bunch of samples along with some empty spray bottles just because I want to try a few smells, the last stuff I had was woodsy in smell.

I went to the mall to check some stuff out (so overpriced) but man I overloaded my nose big time. I'm just having a hard time finding something that will go with me well.


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  • Versace never failed me! its like one of those "one size fits all" well this is "one smell suits all". lol

    • I was going to order a sample Versace man Eau Fraiche I must of forgot but I was willing to try it

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