I'm 21 and will be going to a pub for the first time and really worried about what I'm going to wear. I'm 5"8 with a lean body?

I have black hair , black eyes and fair complexion. I'm okay with any kind of dress but don't wanna look overdone. And I was wondering if shorts was okay for a pub? With a tube top maybe? Or you can suggest anything else. I also have this short one shoulder dress in dark blue. Would that work fine. From Mumbai :)


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  • Tube/shorts would get you lots of free drinks then a ride to someone's bed fast

    1. go with 1-2 gal friends - never get out of view of each other
    2. dress as if coming from work (secretary-executive) the first time
    3. be friendly but dismiss anyone making you feel uncomfortable and move on, make room for someone else more suitable


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  • What type of pub is it? Like a quiet local, or a music pub, or club pub, or one that is part of a chain (like Wetherspoons), or a friendly family pub, or country pub?
    (I'm guessing from the word pub you are UK?)
    If it's your first time I would go in a dress, or a skirt and top combo. Purely because it's safe and you can see what others wear. Most of the pubs around me are jeans and shorts places but there are a few where being a bit more dressed up is an idea. There are nightclubs around me where no trainers are allowed, and one is even formal wear only!

    • Umm it's a club pub. I'm from India and as I've pointed out its gonna be my first time so I DO NOT have any idea how it's gonna be

    • Definitely go with the dress then. Club pubs shorts won't be appropriate.

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  • Don't wear shorts or tube top. You will look like a bar fly looking for a quick drunken hookup.
    A nice summer dress should work. If you can, find a local pub and park outside , seeing what the other hot girls are wearing. then you will know for sure!

  • Wear a dress and don't worry dress to much just dress samrt

    • I'm really ignorant about what's in vogue so it would help if u could be more specific

    • A dress you would wear to a party or a skirt or something along those lines

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  • Hi there! I'm from Australia so I don't know whether we're just more casual over here or if this advice will help but generally speaking if you're just going to the pub it's best to stick with smart casual!

    Jeans and closed shoes, or nice shoes, with a little bit of a dressier top and your hair done well is usually what I go with, but I've seen people wear more or less than that also.

    If you want to wear a dress go for it! But if you think you'd be more comfortable and there isn't a strict dress code then wear some jeans or pants with a fitted top and maybe some small heels. I always think dark hair goes with any solid colours, maybe a dark blue or something?

    Of course, the places we call pubs are generally just local places people go for drinks and maybe something to eat so it could be different for you! Have fun! :)

  • Wear the short blue dress it'll look good.

    • Thank you :) and it's embellished with sequins so accessories maybe?

    • since it's sequin don't go for any accessory you'll look really decked up. And you can use a pop red lipstick for your lips. and 'smoky eyes' for the eyes. you can let your hair down or tie it up in a high ponytail with few 'locks' in the front. and for shoes you can go for black sequined shoes.

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