What do guys look for in a girl?

I would really appreciate HONEST answers.

Anyway, I was really wondering why guys look directly at our size before they get to know you. Do you honestly take our personality into consideration before you judge us? Yeah, I know I do look at looks too, but I do like guys regardless of what they look like because of their personality. And yes, I am asking this because I am not a stick, more on the heavy side, but I'm not fat. I was curious. I'm not trying to be mean or anything.

Also, what do guys think about smart girls? Is it ok to go out with a smart girl? And yeah, I am asking because I am pretty smart (NOT bragging) and no I'm not going to change, but I was just trying to get an idea about what you guys think.

Lastly, is there anything that you really look for in a girl?. BESIDES being super skinny, having big boobs, and butt?. Just curious!


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  • Being stupid and thin is stupid. Being smart and healthy is smart.

    Stupid people like stupid people, smart people know better and would obviously like smart too, because they have things in common and CAN actually have some sensible conversation. Never stop being who you are, but follow good advice, not stupid advice like "Be stupid, or be this or that so that guys can like you", that is nonsense. Be yourself and the right someone will like you. If not then the wrong someone will like you.

    Honestly I adore and admire smart girls with personality and would much rather judge them by character than by irrelevant and superficial things like "size"

    • Thanks. You made me feel a lot better. I wish there were more guys in the world that thought like that though.

    • There are much more than you think, and those who think and act the way you describe in your question are brainwashed and live in an illusion (and I'm dead serious when I say that). It is quite sad.

    • LOL. Yeah. But in middle and high school. They aren't like that.

      I completely agree though. And thanks again!

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  • I think super skinny is disgusting. The majority of men will look for pretty face, sexy body, big boobs, nice ass etc.

    I like a girl who is fit shape, takes care of herself, eats well, has self control, charming, holds a class of her own, has a good taste for fashion or whatnot, and has good personality. I like girl who doesn't chase a man, but makes a man chase her, just so I know she will fall ONLY for the best guy. I will then also know that she is not a slut who'd fall for any decent guy. If a girl is not in her best shape, but is working hard to get to a good fitness level, I like that I think she's a quality girl.

  • Personally I like super thin girls! with or without boobs, even flat chested is ok, tiny butt!

    to men, attractive men, looks are important! that is a fact! we are visual creatures. studies show that lasting couple are no more that 2 points apart on the appearance scale! if there is more that 2 points, there must be something else to balance out the equation. I do like smart girls, ones that can hold intelligent conversation, its just that in most cases the really hot girls just aren't that smart.


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