Looking for knowledgable workout people...

So I need help making a routine for working out, so if you know ur stuff and have time to spare and help someone out id appreciate it a lot :)

Ive been doing whatever right now, and I feel like I need to start being more serious about it so.. hope someone answers lol


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  • you probably think this is gross but I kinda have a slight six pack so I think what I'm doing is working out amazing. first obviously stretch but before you do down some water after stretching down more water to keep hydrated then I personally use machines but I first work out my lower back, core abs, biceps and triceps. then I down more water then upper back inner thigh and glutes then I personally run a mile then after more water of course then stretch again. then I do my side abs and run another mile. its the most amazing results in so little time

    • So you do all this in one day? lol, so I guess you don't do like abs triceps one day, cardio the next, chest/back the next, etc..?

      could you message me this might take a while to understand lol :S I need to learn what would work best on me

    • Ha I lift pretty light so I just do it all in one day otherwise I would spread it out through the week. but my gym is really amazing and its great motivation by the time I hit the pool I just like to chill and cool off.

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  • what are you trying to accomplish? are you trying to build muscle and bulk up? or are you trying to lose weight? or what?

    • Trying to build some muscles, lose a few pounds of fat(I ate like a pig because it was my bday all week and we had so much food at home lol.. I definetely overindulged.) ahhh!! the temptations!

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    • I dun wanna be all :(

    • Then eat ur veggies and cauliflowers and try to be :) because that's hard lol

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  • ill help you out with this because I remember when I was like you and I really appreciated when people gave me advice, so now I'm going to do the same for you .

    first of all what is your goal?

    • Build muscles everywhere pretty much, lose some weight around the lower abs area and my glutes baby! my goal is to do that and pretty much stick to a routine that will make me sweat and feel the burn because I need to get a nice bod to show the ladies lol. but seriously, this is for myself, I just liked being fit, and now I'm just not as much as I was b4

      btw, I like the enthusiasm, thanks.

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    • Really? so no milk lol?

      im 5'8 and 160 pounds btw

      also, I guess my main question is HOW much I should work out one muscle group (how many # of exercises and their sets/reps)... and what are all the opposite muscles groups and could you give me an example of a week of working out? I just need to create some kind of model in my head and then adapt it to make it work for me..

    • Wait...but I read that by increasing the amount of dairy one consumes then there is a higher chance of losing weight...

  • Yea, first things first, what is the goal or goals?

    Be specific.

    • I want to get rid of my now gut lol.. Damn junkfood and lazyness

      and I need to get back into real shape, gain muscle on all groups chest, back, bicep, tricep, thighs, quadriceps, glutes(I do like having a nice ass),,etc.. I need help making a routine that can help me do all these and I know, dieting is important, no junk or anything.. Healthy foods only lol

  • Handstand push ups are good, so are front/back/side flips.

    • Yeah I do enjoy a good back flip every now and then... >.>

    • It really works your abdominal muscles.

    • Yeah but I think I should work on the whole find my center of gravity and learn how to use it so I can actually do flips and such since I've never done one before.. flips is like ninja sh*t haha