Honest opinions on going with this hairstyle? (For me O/c)?

Okay so its that time of year where I change my style up. Its hot out and I'm ready to cool down with a lighter head of hair. Could use some perspective if this hairstyle will work for me.



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I have ash blond hair and the famous Viking hairline. Kinda tough to find decent styles for that. If anyone has suggestions please do share. Thanks!
Color and hairline pretty much like this

http://media-cache-ak0. pinimg. com/736x/a5/71/eb/a571eb7119b4feca1bfe65bc23f57098. jpg


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  • Your face is really angular so you're actually basically made for that style of haircut. Go for it.

    • Cool thank you, I never thought of my face as angular before but now that you mentioned it I kinda see that

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  • It would work for you... I can't take men seriously who wear their hair like this, but maybe that's b/c I'm so old lol. I'm not certain what you mean by V. hairline but probably backs away at the temples?

    I still think you'd look great w/it short (the same length!) all over and the top kind of brushed forward/different directions kind of like in the last picture. I'll try to find a pic.

    I cannot resist guys with that hairstyle, as long as they're attractive which you are.

    • In the update there's a perfect example of the V. Hairline. For some reason spaces got added so the pic wouldn't upload.

      Also thank you! Its definitely nice to hear that

      Any example you have is greatly appreciated as well (:

    • Sorry, I forgot I'm not allowed to add links yet. 😒Two of the pics I found were of George Clooney and John Rhys-Davies (or is it David Rhys-Jones? I always confuse those names. The young one lol).

      George does nothing for me, btw, don't like his mouth or expression, but love his hair. John (or whatever his name is) does a lot for me..

      I also found a pic with a similar hairstyle but with the top slightly longer, that still looked hot w/o the jailbird element. :)

    • I Google's john rhys Davies


      I hope I found the wrong person xD

      I rocked the George clooney look for a while, I'm not sure which style you're referring to though.

      Thank you for your insight too

  • I like the style but not the first picture, I can't see what style you have at the moment but you're an attractive man so I reckon you could definitely pull it off :)

    • The 1st one isn't so great, just though a view from the opposite side might help.

      And that's awesome to hear thank you ^_^

    • I suspect it would look better on you than the man in the first picture anyway lol and you're very welcome! :)

  • It's a hair style that I see every single day on many guys, on the street, on TV, and everywhere else. You definitely won't stand out with this kind of hair.

    • Oh my, I had no idea it was this popular. Thank you for the insight. Any recommendations?

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    • I agree, I just would rather not end up looking exactly like 90% of the other people out there. If I were to go to a bar and over half the guys there had the exact same style, I'd feel a bit like a Walmart brand person.

    • I can definitely understand that.

  • I could totally see you rocking the last do :) I like the faux hawk look, but don't buzzcut the sides too much.
    The last one is definitely my fav. and I think it'll suit your face really well.

    • Awesome thanks

      I did faux hawk for a while and then a euro hawk. Worked pretty well for me really, just thinking of something new (:

    • No problem :)

  • The last hairstyle seems to suit you more than the others considering the face shape and features!

  • Like SaVes said, this hairstyle is very popular but it does look really good.
    Something like David Beckham would look nice on you.

    • Hmm alright that definitely helps (:

      I appreciate it thank you!

  • I like the third one, there are slight variations in the cut as well

    • Oh good point I didn't even think about the different lengths involved. Thank you, seems like the 3rd will probably be what I end up with

    • no problem

  • Would need to see what you look like without the hat.

  • Noo please, no more pineapple hairstyles.

  • I like picture 3 the most

    • Excellent thank you! Its the same cut but styled different. If I go for the undercut I may try that out

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    • Lol I think the first one must be a bad example, no one else seems to like it either xD

      Awesome of you to say that ^_^

      Thank you

    • Your welcome ;-)

  • I don't like it. Just keep it short.

  • Please don't. I don't like anymore of the styles

  • I think you can, the second and third look nice and judging from your profile picture, they suit you well. No to the first I don't think its attractive. There's my opinion :) Good luck


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