Am I too skinny or am I too fat?

I'm 5'7 1/2 and I weigh about 135 and really want to be a model but I'm just not sure if this is too skinny or too fat? I'll probably grow just a little more, as I'm only 13 but I want to know opinions. also you can add if you think I'll grow much more and how much, thanks!
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Most Helpful Guy

  • firstly would you please adjust your profile to say under 18?

    you're weight for your height means you are really just right. to be a model perhaps some may expect you to be skinnier but all doctors would tell you that your weight is perfectly fine


Most Helpful Girl

  • You're not too skinny or over weight.

    You're just right your height and weight cancels each other out.

    As of you continuing to grow you're only 13 and it is possible for you to continue to grow/stretch. As of weight that depends on how much you continue to eat.

    I have some questions for you what is your parents height? If they're tall you'll keep growing if short you're probably done. If one is short and the other is tall it can go either way.
    And as for modeling I did it before and the ideal height for modeling is 5'9 and up.

    And unfortunately well it really depends on what form of modeling you want to do, but if it's runway modeling you're still over weight.

    If thats the kind you wanted please do not begin to starve yourself, start puking, or take weight loss pills. At the most you could excessively workout but please do not over do it and harm yourself!

    You can be any other type if model though.


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What Guys Said 4

  • If you're really 13 I don't mean to discourage your dreams but modeling isn't exactly what young teenagers should be aspiring to be. Especially worrying about your body so critically at that age is bad for your health mentally and physically. Don't worry about your future so much now you still have a life to enjoy.

  • 135 lbs or pound.
    For a normal person 135 lbs is healthy weight.
    But international female models look like skeletons and by those standards , you are overweight.
    I don't appreciate what they have made a standard.
    Its not healthy.

  • Your BMI is 21.1 which is totally fine. You got nothing to worry about. Just eat healthy and have a good lifestyle.

  • You're 13, you should be worrying about homework and Barbie dolls.


What Girls Said 4

  • I'm gonna be honest here. If you're 135 then you are probably to big to become a model. You can gain weight and become a plussize mode tho. You're also too short to become a fashion model.
    If you still want to become a model then you can go for a different type of modeling job. Then you won't have to gain/love weight either.

  • Uouree only 13... Stop worrying for a bit : / but you're just right. 135 is a healthy weight at your height

  • I think ur right but I don't know but I think I'm pretty sure ur good but I'm not sure becuz I don't know this stuff but I think yes ur good

    • thanks!! do you think I'll grow much more?

    • I'm pretty sure you will grow a few inches more, but depends if you hav already started slowing down on your growth. I'm 15 and I only grew 2 inches since I was 13, but now I'm 5'9.

      So I think since ur already tall but still kinda young you just grow a few more inches.

  • You're only 13 so when you grow up trust me you won't want to model anymore. When I was 13 I was pretty skinny (115 pounds same height as you) and I really wanted to model but I grew out of that phase. Now I'm the same weight as you and I'm 19 and I'm more worried about school, friends, and other things. Don't worry about your weight your too young. People frequently tell me i look thin and I'm the same weight as you so no don't lose any weight just focus on being a kid and hanging out with your friends

    • Just my 2 cents but you will probably grow more and mature more when you grow up. If you still are seriously considering modeling I think that this is a lovely weight for your height but a modeling agency may say otherwise

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