I'm looking for a new girlfriend..(:

I want a girl who can walk around in nothing but my t-shirt

Funny, and loving;

One who will understand I don't have my cell until


One who will say Awh, and smile when I give her daisies and not roses.

And a outgoing and fun female; ((:

And just know I'm a tomboy/prep.. /Scene-ishh I'd be labeled theses three things.):

I also skate and I want too just have some fun.

Not sexually either

just straight up fun. ((:


You can answer too

And you can also

suggest people. (:


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  • FrozenDonkey is right, hate to say it but this isn't really a dating website...also I don't understand how we are supposed to suggest people when if we aren't from the same place...you should try some online dating...I've heard plentyoffish is free. I've never done it myself, so I can't give you an first hand experience but, I think I read a question about online dating on this site.