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Hi, got my first piercings done a little while ago and so far I've gotten positive feedback from everyone but my dad... he says I look like a faggot, which I can care less about because he doesn't like ANYTHING I do... so my question to you is, do I look good with them? should I get different piercings? if so, what kinds? and any general comments you have about anything pertaining to the matter... Any feedback is appreciated and most helpful person will get the "best answer" because I still do that... Link to picture is posted underneath this \/\/\/\/\/
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  • Umm that's a horrible thing for you're father to say, don't listen to that though, yknow just don't pay any attention to comments like that from anyone ever. Obviously, you don't look like a "faggot" loads of guys get there ears pierced, doesn't mean they're gay. I know it's quite stylish for them to have them now, I do think they look cool enough but really it's just down to whether you like it or not. If you like having it just wear it, yknow who cares what people think. Honestly I couldn't care less if you get anymore piercings, as I said, your choice. You shouldn't care what anyone thinks, if you want one get one.

    • my dads old fashion.. that's why he said it and thank you:)

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  • Assuming you really are 18-24 as your profile suggests, who cares what your dad thinks? You're an adult. As for my personal preference on earrings on guys…I don't care much for it but that's just me.

  • It looks fine. What other piercings would you consider?

  • Just the ears? It's fine.

  • Nothing wrong with your earrings. I personally think you would look better with a different hair cut.

    • haha thanks:P and I grow my hair long cuz I have acne on my forehead...

    • Nothing wrong with long hair. I actually think you should go longer round the sides. Or mess it up a bit. Its just personal opinion tho.

    • ill try that, thanks:) ill keep u posted and I might even show a pic if u want

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