Hairstyle!!! Please help urgent. For prom!?

My hair is extremely long like I'm 5"5 and they are below my arse. Soo I have no idea what kind of hairstyles should I get done ! Tbh I want them down ! Since I alway have them up with a puff and also I want my hair to kind of come up to my waist so basically kind of style that I can do lots up in head so my hair length appears short! Reason coz they are extremely Long like I said and it wouldn't look nice me sittig on them! Sooo please help! X


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  • Try cutting your hair and styling it like this:

    These kind of hair styles look really nice on girls.

    • Combine the one on the left with the banes down like the one on the right and you're solid.

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    • Thankx for the effort tho! But you gave me a great idea! Like do that on the top (puffy) and add waves! BOOM! Wow !

    • Haha yea, and you're welcome.

  • Leave it down then. I LOVE girls with long hair.

    • Dude the thing is they are like really really long! And leaving it down won't be the best since I am likely to sit on them or then getting stuck in someone's shiat! I would love to tho! If the length was average! thanks for opinion tho x

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    • You are absolutely genius! Thanks mate! X

    • No problem :3

  • Who wants to see hair that long? Cut it already.


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  • https://media-cache-cd0. pinimg. com/originals/b6/bc/bb/b6bcbbe8b7ced99757e750d76645af6a. jpg

    https://media-cache-ec0. pinimg. com/originals/c4/b2/68/c4b26876f127f0fb5bed5de7c365e015. jpg

    https://media-cache-ec0. pinimg. com/originals/4c/fd/db/4cfddb6a54530cba3fb8493457082669. jpg

    https://media-cache-ec0. pinimg. com/originals/47/fb/c4/47fbc4e58a86d93396bd7fffd0b11437. jpg

    Sorry so many links, hope i helped though :o)

    • Hey! Thankx. For the links! :)


    I think a braided crown style would be lovely


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