HELP! going on a fist date and have no idea what to wear?

im 16 and its casual first we are going to play games and then we are going to this nice restaurant and I have no idea what to wear! i want to look cute and casual but not like im trying to hard and i want to look really pretty for the fancy part. Ill go and buy new outfits even, please give me outfit suggestions, hairstyles, and ideas please and thank you (im 5'7 pretty skinny and larger boobs 36d or 34dd) please help me!!!


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  • okay im sorta built the same as you and the same age and just had my first date so here's my opinion:
    skater skirt (always a hit with the guys and also casual and flirty)
    crop top or blouse
    cute sandals / flats or even low top sneakers
    i would go for a side pony tail or a half-up half-down hairstyle to show a little effort

    have fun! :)

    • thats a really good idea too! i really like crop tops but they never work out super well where do u get urs from if u know how to get them to work? thanks

    • i got a few of mine from wet seal. for a more busty girl like yourself i would just try to stay away from those stores like forever 21 for things like a crop top. H&M has pretty good ones though :)

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  • 1st thing, you can not be pretty skinny, 5:7 and double D's. That seems like a lie to me, if you are cool more power to you. Anyways, try a pair of cute high waisted light jean shorts (or floral), with a light cream/white tank, a light, either pink (or a color that matches your floral shorts) cardigan. If you go with the jeans, try a sparkely necklace. If you go with floral, try a simple gold or pearl necklace! For shoes, just go with a simple flat or gladiator sandal that matches!

    • thats a good idea and i really like high waisted shorts and I don't know maybe im larger to other people im around 125 130 but I'm 5'7 and a half almost 5'8 omg i guess im not skinny oh whale lol awlward but thanks for the help

    • No, you probably are then! That would look cute on you!

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