I've seen quite a few women on TV lately that have had some type of cosmetic medicine/surgery on their lips. Do all of them look phoney or not?

Some of them look like "the Joker" after having something cosmetically done on their lips. Do all women look like this that have had this done or just some that maybe had a botched surgery? In other words, does all cosmetic surgery look like this on lips or just the botched ones? And do you like the "Joker" look or does it look terrible?


I know she is incredibly ugly but this is the best example I could find. Just look at the lips. It this what cosmetic medicine looks like on lips or is this botched?
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  • Meh. I've seen better lip jobs... These women had bad luck.


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  • They all don't look phoney. It will if you go overboard or have other surgeries on your face


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