How to get a guy to notice me?

how do I get a guy to notice me?


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  • ok, if you want guys to notice you do the following:

    first, be yourself! don't do what other girls tell you, like be super loud, because at times you'll sound obnoxious! and trust me they don't like that

    second, I'm all up for confident but don't make yourself look cocky.

    thrid, yes do pretty, but young girls tend to make themselves look like they have wayyyy to much make up on. so keep it simple. simple is beautiful. too much make up will only make you look like an over done girl who probably doesn't look good without make up. you don't want that.

    fourth, flirt and make your interest known, but not to the point where you look easy. you want to catch their eye and their interest.

    fifth, be humorous, people in general feel more comfortable that way.

    6. keep itinteresting. convo or whatever. keep that mysterious vibe that just keeps them wanting more of you.

    7. let them make the first move, try at least.

    8.they aren't going to to know if your a good person or not, keep the convos light and don't over do it.

    9. music is always a good subject.

    10. don't be complicated. keep it simple. be smooth =)

    hope I helped you


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  • Its really simple actually. I know you've probably heard this before, but take it to the heart. Just be yourself, smile, laugh, send him descreet messages that you may be interested. "It is better to be hated for who you are than to be loved for what your not." - Kurt Kobane. If you keep that in mind then you'll find the boy who'll care for the real you. That is the answer

  • Talk to him.

    Smile at him.

    Show an interest in his hobbies or classes.

    Be friendly and open towards him.

  • Depends on the guy... If you mean the whole male population though then probably get a boob job or something like that.


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  • ur young

    and I saw ur picture

    ur like a blank canvis

    the things bout guys

    is tht there not gonna go up to jus anybody they c

    u gotta catch there eye

    and a way in doin tht

    is being the following***





    ^^^but that's only until you talk to them

    a boi you never even talked to isn't going to know if ur a good person or not

    if you rlly wanna make a change then ur gonna have to change on the outside

    i used to be a nastey lookin tom boi lol

    now I got all the boi's lookin! and I spit on all of em for not lookin before haha

    but rlly, looks does matter, even when they shouldnt

    u should try different types of hair styles, like straighten, curling, scrunching

    its summer, so its a good time to test out new looks, without people seein if there bad or not lol

    but you should also try wearin making up***

    -WATERPROOF eyeliner


    -cover up



    -a few shades of eye shadow

    id be more than happy to help you in anyway

    but that's only if you want too

    im young, ur young and I can relate to you so its all good

    email me if you want


  • u just gotta b pretty and he will do that automatically