Guys what attracts you the most?

Ok so males are strange beautiful creatures that I find myself in a constant conundrum with. Out with it! What is it exactly that you are so attracted to in a girl? Is it her unbelievably hot body or her drop dead gorgeous smile? Would you rather want a girlfriend with a gorgeous face and very proportional say curvy not fat or a girl who is slender, tall, average looking but still attractive? And my last and final question is are you more attracted to smarter girls or you don't care if she is hot you'll take her? Answer honestly please! I want 2 know!


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  • There is only so much looks can do. But I will not lie to you, looks can do A LOT. Lets face it, we live in a materialistic, superficial world. With that in mind, you can and should utilize anything and everything to enhance your greatest qualities.

    1. Sense of Humor - for me this really ties in with intelligence. If they aren't smart at all, they won't pick up on witty jokes or any jokes at all.

    2. Eyes - blue eyes have and always will make me stop DEAD in my tracks and come and meet you.

    3. Body - Does she take care of herself? Does she go to the gym often to maintain a sexy physique? Does she style her hair, pluck her eyebrows, brush her teeth, shave her legs, ect.

    4. Personality - does she have something interesting to bring to the table? Or is she another mindless girl with a pretty face

    5. Style - does she know how to dress, or does she look like her mom dressed her in the dark?


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