Why do you think mens briefs are now more popular? (Men or Women who prefer briefs). What is your favourite style?

My girlfriend works in a reputable clothes store. The department she has been in for a number of year's is mens underwear and sleepwear. She told me that the store is selling, as many pair's of mens briefs as boxer briefs, and that boxers have become increasingly less popular. Any ideas why? Which style is your favourite?
  • Y-front briefs (Tighty whities)
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  • Midi slip briefs
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  • Mini slip briefs
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  • Tanga briefs
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  • Other, please state
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  • Yeah, i gotta say i prefer boxers on guys, they leave more to the imagination, makes the reveal a lot more fulfilling! ;P


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  • I went from wearing boxer shorts to boxer briefs. I found that they were good for support, but they always 'bunched up' at the sides, around the top of my thighs after a while, and ended up looking like a pair of briefs (the larger variety of styles). So I tried a pair of briefs, and realised that they looked very much the same, and were actually very comfortable! So I bought more types of briefs (smaller styles). Now I am beginning to prefer them the most. My girlfriend has even bought me some and says she now prefers me in briefs! Times are changing and the trend has done a 'full circle'. Why Boxer's or Briefs? when men should have choice just as women do?


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  • Low rise hip briefs I wear since they give extra support for the boys while I'm working out and are very comfortable. I switched from boxers to briefs 2 years ago when I was running on the track and my balls got crushed between my thighs.
    God that hurt, never again will I wear boxers which do nothing for support.

  • y front lol... i the kind i have isn't y front i not sure what to call it, its kinda like the y got split into two so now we have \ / . yes this is were my junk would be..

    why is mini briefs written twice... which i have some of these like like low rise colored briefs... but i have no tanga briefs.

  • I like boxers mostly for looks but briefs are more comfortable I think. Keeps your junk in place.

  • I hate briefs. My dick needs room. I'm just going to be straight up. I like room.

    Girls like it because they can see the guy's bulge.

  • I actually like boxers the most b/c they feel the most comfortable and have the most room and aren't as tight as some other underwear.

  • I do not wear underwear

  • boxer briefs


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