I am OBSESSED with my look and beauty in general. Please help?

Hey guys!

I am really stressed because the only thing I think about is the way I look. I spend so much time picking my clothes, doing my makeup or styling my hair and I never feel beautiful. Everywhere I go the girls are flawless and look hot. And then I look at myself and the only things I see are my flaws. I want to be considered a "hot girl" so badly, but I just can't get the feedback I want. There are people who tell me that I am pretty, but I can't believe them. I don't feel pretty at all. What can I do?
I think I am too ugly to talk to the boy I want and I think that my life would be so much better if I was a hotter, slimmer girl. Do you have any advice?

Take care!


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  • A picture would be helpful, if nothing else to honestly tell you that you don't look like some kind of a monster you made yourself out to be in your head.

    You should boycot the mirrors for a week, see how you feel then. Throw yourself onto work, do something to occuppy your time, to think less about your looks. One day just throw on anything you can find, don't put on makeup and get out onto the street and take a walk, go to the cinema, get together with friends...

    Do you have friends that support you?
    If so, turn to them, talk about your problems, I'm sure they'll support you and help you get over these obsessions.
    DON'T watch TV. It's toxic and will only make you feel worse about yourself.

    Be realistic. Not everyone can look like a super model and not everyone should. There's a reason why people look different. If everyone looked the same then no one would be interesting.


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  • Please message me with a picture.. I can help give some advice. I noticed you wrote slimmer so I would reccomend doing weight lifting with cardio... workout 3 times a week doing squats and deadlift, followed by 30 min cardio and your body will shape up very nicely.


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  • Guys ever tell u ur hot? Guys tell me that but I don't believe it either I had horrible self esteem issues before.


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