Hey girls what would you consider me, hot, sexy, cute, handsome or just plain ugly?

I know sometimes these kind of questions can get a little irritating but I'm kinda bored right now. I think they're kind of entertaining anyway, even if I'm rating others.

Be honest I won't be offended if you say anything bad. I just wanna hear what girls have to say on what type of look I have. Always have been curious how girls perceive my looks. Vote please, thanks :)
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Forgot to put average sorry everybody lol


Most Helpful Girl

  • I think you're hot but you're smirk gives off a cocky vibe

    • Hahah I'm thanks but I'm not cocky at all. Just not on my personality lol.

    • Sorry I wasn't trying to offend you. Smile with your teeth haha you look like a bit of a bad boy with that smirk ;P

Most Helpful Guy

  • Did average not cross your mind?

    • It did not, I was thinking in black and white at the time lol

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What Guys Said 3

  • Kinda sexy ( no homo)
    Mirin them eye aesthetics.

  • you look pissed off or depressed. try smiling.

    • I'm pissed off I'm the pic. No actually I was messing around with my phone cam and it took the pic. Thought it was decent since I don't have much close ups of me.

    • Changed pic

    • you look much better in that pic. I would totally bang you.

  • How come there's no option for average?

    • You could probably make hot/sexy into one option if it was an issue with the amount of choices

    • I know man, couldn't think of others at the time and forgot to put average lol

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