What tattoos do you all have? Or if you don't have one and are planning on getting a tattoo what is it?

I got a lot of people asking to see my tattoo so I put up a pic that actually shows all of it.. Anyways let's see your tattoos if you have any? I know most of you all are all like ew tattoos are gross I love them so Idc what you think ha anyways let's see your tattoos? :) or If you don't have one and your planning on getting one what are you going to get? :)
This is mine http://i57.tinypic.com/x2tbw9.jpg go big or go home... Next one is going to be just as big I can't wait soooooonnnnn it will be another bird on my other thigh a lot less color though 😘😍❤️❤️


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  • I have 5 of them 2 gargoyles, 1 jester, 1 trible sun, cause I love all med evil things and I got a cross for my grandfather on my chest. I'm working on getting a dragon and a vampire but can't make up my mind

  • Nice ink! I have multiple areas of ink. Some small. Then there is my sleeve. Anubis with ancient Egypt in the background. Time to move to the other arm.

    • thanks. nice Egyptian themes are cool my bfs got one sleeve that's themed Egypt

    • You can see a portion of mine in my avatar. Your boyfriend has excellent taste.

  • I have the Paratroopers emblem on my right arm and on July I get the Mandalorian symbol on my left sleeve.

    • That's cool do your tattoos mean anything or do you just get them cause you like them?

    • Of course they mean something. I chose the paratroopers emblem because I served in this unit. I think that say it all. And the Mandalorian symbol because Im a huge star wars fan since I remember myself as a little kid. Many people find it stupid but they can't feel how much it means to me. Star wars was always a part of my life

    • Good in glad they mean something haha. I was just curious! But yeah I can understand that getting something that had always been a part of your life. :)

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  • I have a few and will be getting more in the future. My first tattoo that I got is on my right foot. It's a black and blue nautical star along with six other stars and gray wash shading. My second is on my left ankle and it's a day of the dead owl. My third is behind my left ear and it's the Juggernog emblem from Call of Duty zombies. My fourth is a great horned owl feather on my right wrist. My fifth tattoo is "Stay Strong" in my mother's handwriting around the owl feather on my wrist. My sixth tattoo is two swallows together with a banner that says "True Love Always." on my outer right forearm. Then my seventh and most recent tattoo are lyrics from a Celtic lullaby and it says "May there always be angels to watch over you, to guide you each step of the way, to guard you and keep you safe from all harm." on my inner left forearm. All my tattoos have significance but the most meaningful one to me is the lyrics. My father is in law enforcement, I have a brother in Afghanistan, and a brother in law in the military, that could possible end up there as well so that's why it means so much.

    • That's awesome that your tattoos mean something there's so many people who get tattoos for nothing. Or well just get it for the hell of it without thinking. I always have a hard time with putting words on my self but I really like those lyrics that's really sweet :) that must be really tough having your family out there like that :( you've got to be a strong person! My room mate left for the navy last November it was really sad I mean granted he's not out there still training still but it's really hard to let someone go when you care about them.

  • I don't have one now. But yes I'm planning to get tattoos to cover my left arm fully. Any suggestions.

    • Do something your not going to regret and think about It for a Long time. I thought about mine for at least a couple years and I still wanted it so I decided to get it :) but really it's all about personal preference and what's significant to you! Don't get stupid stuff just cause everyone has it lol be original !!!

    • Yeah that's right thanks

    • Your welcome! :)

  • I want one of my zodiac sign.

    • Oh that's cool what your sign? And are you going to get the symbol or the actual zodiac thing what ever you call It lol

    • Pisces. The symbol and probably a couple attributes.

    • Oh that's cool I always wanted to get mine too. That's actually a really fun one too.

  • I have a couple of stars on my left shoulder blade.
    I am getting a staff of music on my foot in a few months.
    I don't think I want anything else after that, maybe modify the one I have now to make it better, but nothing else.

    • Nice that sounds fun! Haha I want to fix the one I have add more to it and stuff make it better after I get another one :) I take it you like music a lot :)

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    • Why are you going to wait a few months to get the music stuff?

    • @foxsquirrell
      I'm going on vacation and want to get it done then - mark the trip and access to better tattoo artists, haha!

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