Am I over exfoliating my skin?

When I started puberty, I started to get overly oily skin. I use to exfoliate twice a week and use a cleanser twice daily that wasn't an exfoliating product. The problem with this was my skin was still always oily and there was hardly any improvements in my break outs. Never once after puberty has my skin ever been dry.
So, I decided so ditch the non exfoliating cleanser and began using the oil free exfoliating product twice daily, applying a spot treatment on after it, and then an oil free moisturizer. My skin is also a bit less oily than it use to be, but still never gets dry.
My acne is virtually gone now if I do this every day, but I am concerned. Is this too much exfoliating? I do not think that over-drying is an issue here, but I have heard that doing this can make your skin thinner and make you age faster. Is this true? If so, what should I do? Nothing else seems to work as well as my current regimen, but I'm afraid of ending up doing more harm than good.


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  • over exfoliating can cause skin irritation.. avoid doing this please


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