My favorite make up foundation and powder are discontinued... girls please help !!?

So my favorite foundation and powder have been discontinued and I have been trying to find something for the past 2 weeks with no luck ! My most recent purchase was NARS sheer glow foundation and NARS powder and i hate them both. I should not have gotten "sheer " anything since i need a medium coverage. I have dry skin, need medium coverage thats lasts all day and doesn't look pasty or cakey. I want a thicker, smoother foundation. Any recommendations would be much appreciated. Price doesn't matter... i will pay whatever for the perfect fit.
Discontinued foundation= Loreal smooth absolute visible lift 160 classic ivory
Powder-maybeline dream matte 0-1 sand


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  • It'd be helpful to know what the discontinued products are to give you recommendations on similar products.

    • I just updated my post to include that thanks

    • I heard the loreal serum absolute is a good dupe with better color range and for the powder Mac is great

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  • What was the discontinued foundation?

    • Its actually a drugstore brand Loreal visible lift smooth absolute but it was better than any of the more expensive products

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    • I have bought if offline before but there will come a time when it will really but out so i have to find something. I cannot find the powder online but i can the foundation. Its important that i have both because i can't use one without the other !

    • I Guarantee that you can find it. I has a friend that was looking for a foundation that was discontinued 10 years ago. I found it still available in mass quantities. Give me the details and I'll find it for you..

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  • The powder I use is the bare minerals original. However, it can be pretty pricey if you're on a budget. For foundation, I just started trying out the E. L. F. Flawless Finish Foundation - I'm so far really liking the coverage and everything it gives. AND it's not too expensive, either - which is a plus lol

  • Estee Lauder Double wear foundation or the Tarte Amazonian clay foundation
    Rimmel makes some great powders that are cheap but really good.

    • Which do u think is more hydrating

    • The Estee Lauder is more hydrating, its pricy but its one of the best foundations. They have reviews of it on YouTube

  • Try Maybelline BB cream and maybellline compact powder. Its great. Works gud for me :-)


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