What type of bra should I wear?

So I am a size 38c, and I wear normal minimiser bras, I am fed up with those, I want to try on a few different types of bras, all I want to know is- will my boobs look bigger if I wear underwire light padded bras? Do they provide enough support for my size?


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  • Padded bras will boost your breasts more than non padded bras and will make them look larger. If you get one that is fitted correctly, you will get plenty of support.

  • Im a 36B and always look for the bras that dont yave padds, they make them look a size they are not, i recommend you for always the right size so your breast look as natural as posible. :)

    • Should I go for a underwire one?

    • I woukd say yes :)
      Or you can try those new bra without wires and light padds thore are nice :)

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