Who's finer?

CoCo(Ice t's Wife) or Beyonce?


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  • Out of those two, Beyonce, any day and twice on the weekends. Coco is gross, sort of like Pamela Anderson.

    • But Coco has more of a body, more booty. beyonce;s nice too but coCo, I think is way hotter. She jsut presents herself slutty is all

    • Coco looks fake and she looks totally like a low class porn star or prostitute--I guess that is the biz she comes from (porn). The woman has butt and breast implants, for heaven's sake. Plus, her face and skin aren't as nice, she is only 5'2", and did I mention she looks fake and gross?

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  • I'm a fan of more natural-looking women, so I'd have to choose Beyonce on this one.

  • beyonce's better looking.

    But Ice T's the better musician. By far. One of the smartest rappers ever.

  • beyonce hands down


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  • Depends on what your tastes are.

    "Coco" is a porn star. With fake breasts, a fake name, etc.

    Beyonce is a talented singer and entertainer. Who's physique is natural.

    It's so weird that you're comparing these two who have nothing in common besides both having famous husbands. All women are beautiful and unique. It just depends on what you like.

    • Bc they are both bootylicious hon. This has nothing to do with what they do. they're both famous and beuatiful I was just comparing the 2. And Coco is not a porn star. She even said that herself. She just looks like one and has the name of one. She's just a sexy langerie model.

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    • You have no idea what I think, obviouslly. You are jumping to conclusions. A little sensitive, aren't we? Hon?

    • Lol! ok. You said what you thought but ok. I'm good

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