Can hair color make that much of a difference?

I recently dyed my hair from blonde to dark brown. At a party last night a guy friend commented I look good and "I didn't know hair color had such an impact but when you had light hair you looked run down... And tired."

I was a bit offended as I liked having light hair. But really, does hair color make that big a difference? Have you ever dyed your hair a color that made you look washed out, share your stories girls (and guys) to make me feel better :)


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  • Some girls definitely look better with a certain color of hair.

    Example: Olivia Wilde is a natural blonde, but looks much better with darker hair.

    Sometimes just a difference from the usual is interesting.


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  • I think it's your complexion that didn't work with blonde hair.
    I have a friend who had the same problem. She had dyed blonde hair, didn't suite her at all. She died it chocolaty brown and looks great.


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  • Long hair is a big part of a girl's look. Color and style make a big difference in the overall look. Going from colors such as blonde and dark brown is big because they are almost opposite colors. Maybe you look better with dark brown hair.

  • I change my look completely every few months and it does make a huge impact on you.


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