Help I don't know what to do with my hair ever since I got this hotel job! I work as a hostess so I can't wear my hair down because sometimes?

I deal with food.
I'm African American and my hair is coarse
I wanted to get a sew in but then I would have to pay the stylist to relax my hair to match the extensions and I don't want a fake looking sew in that looks like a wig
I wanted color but I need something that looks natural on me
I'm always on the go and doing my hair takes up most of my morning routine
I live in humid weather too and I take the bus any ideas? Please help


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  • My little sister's hair is black and super thick and long, I've tried everything but she is vary active and the weaves are so adult looking on her, so I do africa's best relaxer witch keeps her hair curly with out the frizz factor, and I do a lot of nice up dues and single braids as well as roller sets. penning the curls up if your hair is long gives a nice classically beautiful look without using heat. I keep her from getting to bored of the looks with loads of light beautiful scarfs, hair accessories and other odds and ins like glitter dust or other things that hold up for school and play.
    Another thing you can try is just doing a pony tale with a hair piece or even a bun could work if your hair is to short. I've found that roller setting or braiding the natural hair can blend the hair with most wavy or curly extensions. but if you want if you want your hair to be anything other then that you will need to use dark and lovely relaxer or something and go from that.

    • My concern is if I relax my own hair and get extensions the stylist will braid my hair too tight and my hair will break off

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