If a woman dresses nicely, but shows cleavage......

What advice would you give to a single woman who has a great figure as far as dressing to attract a potential boyfriend? Is it a bad idea to show cleavage? Is it best to dress like the girl next door versus a little too sexy?

Also can dressing a little sexy cause a nice guy to become uncomfortable in approaching you or does it matter?


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  • I don't think that dressing to your strengths is necessarily a bad thing. Obviously, any girl who is wearing a backless shirt with a front neckline that barely keeps her boobs from falling out, is clearly not going to pick up many worthwhile guys. However, there are plenty of outfits that can be worn which flatter a girl's chest without making her appear slutty or in need of attention.

    Although there is no specific approach that will work for all guys or even any specific type of guys, generally there are many guys who like a girl to look alluring or at least show off a little bit. As long as you do it without looking like you're trying to show off your boobs, then it will be the perfect blend of classy and sexy that a lot of guys go for.

    Examples: (Two styles that both create focus on a woman's chest)

    Good balance of style, modesty, and focusing towards the chest: link

    Bad balance: link

    • Thanks for the links. That is what I thought.

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  • Women who feel a need to show their cleavage to attract a mate is not sexy at all. I am more traditional myself but I don't believe that you have to show cleavage to be sexy and attractive. In fact, I respect women who don't flaunt their cleavage but are still able to look and be amazing. Confidence is the key.

    • But what if you normally do show cleavage in some of your outfits, not something you are doing to attract a guy, but because you are busty Should you avoid that or risk attracting only guys interested in sex?

    • Plainly put; if it's your normal clothes or not it's just not classy. I find it trashy. I myself have a big bust but I don't feel a need to flaunt it.

    • So you would consider showing any cleavage to be flaunting it? I think I will go with the answer that looking like the girl next door is the best idea and if the entire outfit you are wearing is flattering and not hoochie, it is a good choice.

  • I can't speak for guys, but I often show just a little cleavage (not falling out or anything, and I don't think it seems trashy. The main thing is that the rest of the outfit is modest and classic (black cocktail dress, dress slacks and blazer, etc.) and never too sexual. And of course, I don't act in an overtly sexual way. I'm eager to what other guys have to say about it. (Thanks for the links, soxfan)

    • Yes, I am curious about just this look paired with this attitude and how men perceive it.

    • My best girlfriend has a big bust and usually has some cleavage showing, but somehow it NEVER looks trashy or like she's "flaunting it." (I think guys would agree actually. The clothes look...well kinda wholesome actually. She's just not ashamed of her body is all. She's never agressive about what shows, if you know what I mean. (It'd be okay to meet with the minister dressed that way.)

    • Dress slacks and a blazer are hugely underrated by most women. If you get the fit right, it's a GREAT way to show off your body while looking professional and classy.

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