How to catch a girl's attention?

I wouldn't say I do not have a particular style that I keep day to day (other than I'm fairly conservative - not punk & goth). Does a certain style catch a girl's attention more?

I find when I'm extremely casual, being in t-shirt, sweat pants and runners; zero girls seems interested.

When going to work, wearing either a blazer and trousers with or without a tie; again, no interests either. By this I mean, no eye contact, not even a "hi" when on public transit.

When in my Lycra workout gear (for running and biking), there are the odd glances and conversation engages by the girls. Generally small talk about the technical features of my gear and/or how fit I look. Unfortunately I can not dress like this 24/7.

Then, what I noticed recently was when I'm more stylish, I've caught girls eyeing me and wanting to engage me in conversation. By stylish, I would say on the hotter days I'd be wearing tailored linen shorts and shirt, or when the weather is more comfortable a fancy collared shirt with either a fashion trouser or shorts (by Boss, Canali, Zegna as examples).

My guess, from looking at the mirror before leaving home, dressed with higher sophistication (but not particularly in workout clothes) appear more appealing to most girls. On the other extreme, dressed like a marginal homeless person or a psycho would garner the least attention and would garner girls to flee in the opposite direction - let alone wanting to say hi.

What are your thoughts on men in the various styles of clothes, and wanting to engage them in conversation, or just making eye contact, or just checking them out? I'm somewhat shallow, and if you just give me a smile, I'd be happy!


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  • Hugo Boss is a terrible brand. Their clothing is low quality and survives on the brand name.
    The issue is that Zegna is is top tier brand in terms of quality but most girls (American mid-lower class) don't know of that brand.

    I would suggest going with low key Burberry polo shirts and AG jeans or Peter Millar Khakies and Theory button down shirts.

    Get an IWC white faced watch, brown/black leather shoes (matching belt/wallet) and you should bet set.

    Haircuts are most important. Think 'lego man'.

    Maybe Polo (green) or Burberry Birtt cologne.


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  • All you need is a lot of confidence. If you ooze that from every pore of your body you'll give Brad Pitt a run for his money.


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