Who has more style out of ASAP Rocky and Kanye West?



You decide (hope the images help haha). Who else in hip hop do you think ranks as most stylish?
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  • I had to go with West. I think they're both stylish but I find Ye's to be just a little more mature where as Flocko's seems experimental at times. Both stylish but West to me knows what look he's going for and Rocky's just trying to etch out his style and look impressive doing it. It's like west has gotten to the point where he can look at something and go yeah I could wear that but why and Rocky's like cool lemme put that on and that and that and that oh and that too.

    • Refined that's the word I was looking for Kanye seems more refined these days

    • Yes this makes sense, I guess Rockys just young. Overall a very valid opinion.

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  • That's a tough one. They are very close. I would have to say kayne looks like the biggest gay douche.


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