Guys, would you ever date a bigger girl if she had a beautiful face?

I mean not THAT big but like a size 14/16. Or would you not be able to look past her size?


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  • A guy can still find you attractive at that size. It's not like you're a size 30 (no offense to anyone who is) I'm just saying that it's not seriously huge. Shallow guys who care what everyone thinks won't date you. Guys that want society's definition of a trophy girl won't date you. But as long as you are confident in yourself and have a good personality that just weeds out the trash from the cash. You can get a guy as long as you believe you are worthy.

  • 14/16 is not that big. It is just a bit curvy. If a guy can not see past your looks and show interest in your personality and you as a person then he is not worth the effort. Yes you need to be attracted to the person you are dating/in a relationship with but looks are not everything.

    Guys like guys who are confident. If you are confident and happy as you are then that is great.

    You are still really young, just have fun with your friends, keep your self busy and get some hobbies and when you least expect it and the time is right a great guy will come along. A guy that will see past your looks and respect you as a person.