Having a hard time with this one.

My boyfriend recently dumped me for another girl that lived closer to him. (he lived 3 hours away) I really didn't see it coming, and I think I loved him. I've never loved anyone else as much as him, he was perfect, the type of guy I would marry. I can't believe I lost him, it hasn't sunk in yet and I hate this feeling. I want him back and nobody could ever replace him. I don't know how to get over him. Please somebody if you have any tips it would be great.


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  • I am actually going through the same thing you are...except I am a guy and the girl I saw marrying for sure...kind of stopped gradually talking to me. I am not sure if she is seeing someone else-but it hurts just the same. It has been 2 years and I am still not over her b ecause I was madly in love with her. But as I saw one reply which is true is to cut off all contact,places you use to go, don't look at him on MySpace or whatever...it ll just make it harder. and definitely start seeing as many guys as possible until you fine someone who you makes you feel that way again. don't invest too much in one guy until you know he wants to invest a lot in you too. one more thing does this guy who lives real far away know how much you meant to him and you saw him being your husband. did you tell him those feelings. and how did he dump you and how did you react...did he do it over the phone e mail. and how long were you guys cing each other. but believe me I know exactly what ur going through. I even sent this girl stuff I'm talking about for her bday last month and she didn't even respond ---hurts like hell---if you wanna talk more bout it just e mail me up..



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  • I can appreciate your feelings of loss, and I can imagine how serious they feel.

    Based on what you are saying, it doesn't sound like he was heavily invested in this relationship as you were.

    That should be a big motivator for you to move on and work at letting go.

    If he felt as you did, some girl closer to home wouldn't be able to compete.

    Sounds like he was just interested in having any relationship as oppose to a relationship.

    With that said, you should really re-consider if someone could replace him or not. If it's easy to let you go for someone conveinent, then how invested in him should you really be?


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  • Sorry you got dumped...it happens to all of us, but in order to get over it there are a few things that you should do to start out.

    1. Don't go to the places or do the things that you used to do with him...it brings back memories of the 'good times' you had together and you don't want to be reminded of that.

    2. Stay away from 'Facebook, MySpace, twitter' and anywhere else you would find him updating about his new life with the new girl.

    3. Erase ALL of his contact information, including old text messages, emails, phone records etc. The reason is so that you are not tempted to contact him and appear desperate or 'stalker crazy X gf' Maintain a sense of dignity and pride in yourself.

    4. Realize that he didn't dump you for distance and another girl, he dumped you because he chose to. The other girl just came along and put out. If a guy loves a girl, there is no amount of distance put between them that would make him dump you for another girl.

    5. I'm sure you are beautiful, smart blah blah blah...so act like it! Stop moping over this guy, there's a whole world full of guys that you haven't even met. Obviously this guy knew you were not right for him. Maybe you were too smart, or pretty or great for him. Did you ever think of that? Did you ever think that YOU were out of his league and will realize that you could do better?

    6. Change up your hairstyle, color or whatever and get some new outfits and then...

    7. Go out and flirt your ass off and meet some new guys that are different than him. don't sleep with them or anything but just flirt and have fun!

    And that's how you get over your ex! It's up to you to try it...but one word of caution...You may meet a guy that is sooo much better than your ex. Take it slow and have fun...oh and he'll come crawling back at some time...guys always do, but don't answer his calls, texts, or emails. If he starts calling, just change your number and block his emails. Tell that Loser to Kick Rocks! KRL

  • Okay well firstly you say he was the type of guy you would marry-a guy who would dump you for someone whos nearer? I know its hard but realise you deserve so much better then that-if he felt the same for you,or was the right one for you-he would travel half way round the world to see you.

    Try to see it as he just wasn't worth it-the one who is worth your tears will never make you cry etc.

    Think about it all and try and realise that you may of put him on a pedestal-someone will replace him,though it may not feel like it atm,but they will,and it'll be someone who thinks the world of you and int going to make you feel like this.

    Sit and cry,eat litres of icecream,talk toy our g.fs,do whatever you need to do not bottle it up and to let it all out,

    Then you gotta pick yourself up.

    Delete all his contact details-number,e.mail,all of it.

    Anything of his get rid-e.mails,texts,if you have any of his things laying about at yours-everything.

    Do something to make you feel better-go get your hair and nails done,buy some new clothes,have a night out with your girls,take up a new hobbie,pamper yourself,

    Its never easy and it hurs like hell,but the only way out is through and I find the best way to cope is to kind of aknowledge yes its going to hurt,lets get it over with and then move on.

    In time you will realise he did you a favour,maybe you will look back and realise he wasn't what you thought he was...i know its a cliche but time really is a healer.

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