Do you think people rate their own gender nicer or more harshly?

I could see how both could be true depending on the person. What do you think+why?


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  • I found that, on this website, the guys were a lot nicer in rating my appearance than the girls were.

    In real life, it's about the same niceness but I get more compliments from girls than from guys.

    • Thanks for MH :-)

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  • I'm too straight to judge guys I think. Some people are straight or bi and that will fuck with their answers.

    • ... why can't people appreciate the beauty of other people without having their sexuality questioned? I will probably never understand this...

    • No I just mean for example, I know one chick and she likes mannish looking CHICKS that I hate. I probably like feminine looking guys.

      I'm not scared to say stuff lol.

  • I don't think a lot of guys actually rate other guys, in terms of appearance. Or at least not out loud. Even if they did, I think women would be nicer in what they say.

    • ... why the hell is it considered gay to know when something looks good? I do not comprehend :/

    • Because if a man thinks that another man is handsome/attractive, it might imply to others that he himself is therefore attracted to said man which means he is bi/gay. Also admitting that some on looks good and/or better than you is seen as weak and unmanly, which are also both associated with gay men and/or women usually. Even if they aren't associated with such things, appearing weak or unmanly among guys is a definitely seen as negative. Also for the record, I have never seen a man who I'd wish I would be, looks or otherwise. I also think that it's more common among women to make such physical appearance comparances than it is among men.

  • As a guy i rate females but i don't my own gender

    • Read my comments to others who said similar... I don't understand...

    • I mean there has to be a dude you look at and think "damn I wish I looked like that..."

    • Oh yea there is not on the Internet
      I think Wwe Wrestler Dean Ambrose
      is cute i love his lisp

  • Well because if a guy criticizes a girl, he's gay

  • Depends on the self confidence, values, their own body.

    A Feminist will always rate women higher.
    A male body builder will think the male body is better designed do to performance.
    Someone with low-self esteem, will think his gender sucks, that is why there are transsexuals.

  • Nicer for sure, some girls will rate complete abominations as 8/9s and I'm thinking WTF

    • how about guys?

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    • thats so weird, im completely straight but I know when girls are good looking...

    • I have an idea if they are ugly or not. But some guys I thought girls would think are ugly are apparently hot to them so I have no idea.

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