Ok so what are ur fav things such as clothing songs brands food artist actors/actresses and interest in girls/boys?

hey since it is summer vacation at least for me haha i just want to know what u guys love thanks for sharing!:)
  • fav songs:love runs out- one republic
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  • fav actors:(i just can seem to choose lol) channing tatum and dave franco
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  • fav food: mostly anything sushi def:)
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  • clothing brand: hollister cotton on brandy mellvile areopostale forever 21 papya u name it i love it!
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  • interest in boys/girls: great personality and a sense of humor/style!:)
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  • Songs: I can't give you one "type" I listen to everything I find good, recently, that's instrumentals
    Actors: Morgan Freeman
    Food: I like homemade with lots of love
    Clothing: anything really, as long as it's black and/or white
    Girls: humor, style, courage to be yourself, and not who people tell you to be

    The last one isn't so easily explained, but I won't make a story of it, hope that's okay :3

  • Clothing- Combat Fatigues. No choice. USMC
    Songs- Too many to name, and who the hell are one republic?
    Food- MRE's/Whatever is being served in the mess. Again, Not my choice.
    Brands- Hanes
    Interest in women- Very little choice in the military.

    • hey I am joining the military what branch are u and omg really u have to look them up like for real like have u not lived life yet look up the song I recommended in the poll please and tell me whatcha think!!!

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    • okay I will now I am worried

    • I'm gonna be completely frank with you. You might not like what you'll hear.

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