What site (s) do you think have some of the best looking male and female models for their products?

Urban Outfitters male models are gorgeous and I just recently came across the ASOS male models. Yummy.


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  • Google "Harry Rosen", it's the top men's wear chain in Canada, it trumps Holt Renfrew in a few respects. I can tell you from the magazines I see, the men in there are stunning and perfect. Not a single hair out of place, not a single unwanted wrinkle. The light shines in perfect proportions at the right place. The clothing there is hand made, some clothing are 85% hand made, like Brioni, but others like Kiton are 100% hand made.

    So appearance check, clothing check, setting check, substance? Yes, some of the people who model for the clothing are in fact CEO's, athletes, lawyer's, scientists, etc. They have a lot of their own prominent customers wear the clothing line. That is why Harry Rosen has the best models.


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  • Women: Sports Illustrated
    Men: Don't know. Not interested in men

  • I'm going to be a guy and say Victoria Secret.

  • Playboy's models seem to get people looking.


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