Help me with all these please. I desperately need help !?

okay, i am 16 years old Nepalese girl. i have just finished my school and i will be attending college from the next month. i am actually tall and thin. i stand 5 feet 9 inch tall and weigh 52 kgs. what actually i am asking for help is i guess i totally have no sense of fashion or style. while all my other female friends are like kind of make-ups expert, i can't even put on mascara by myself. to this day, i actually hadn't thought of these matters but just a couple of days ago one of my aunt made fun of me saying "you are really a girl, right ! " when i said i could not put on the mascara by myself. i can't file my nails, let alone polishing them. being tall and thin no clothes seem to fit me perfectly while i see others girls in trendy dresses. so can you people help me turn girly even while being good in studies and not disappointing my mom while turning girly who is kind of really strict in all those matters. ( she won;t let me use veet to get rid of armpit hair. i just trim them off with scissors. we are Hindus by religion and birth. )


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  • Well for one if your not of a girly type then you shouldn't force yourself to go with the trends. If you feel cumfertable not being girly then thats the best course of action. But its still good that you want to at least do something different for a change. You could do some extracurricular classes in beautyschool (I think they are called) they teach fashion and and how to dye hair etc. I know this cuz my mom took classes so im always being nagged at for having no sense of style xD. In any caee just do what you feel is right. Hope I was able to help :D


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  • I would love to help you (:

    I'm not sure how to find clothes that fit you but I can definitely help with make up!

    Tall and thin is what models are so it's not a bad thing at all.

    Ask your friends for tips and help also

    • so could you give me some make up tips, like from what i should begin and what i will need the most and everything? :)

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  • ok if you have friends that are experts have them teach you... build your confidence gradually as you learn

    and just reinvent yourself... you shouldn't look at this is a problem you should look at it as an opportunity.

    you'll be starting a new phase of your life embrace it... don't run from it

  • Hey r u from nepal...
    Yaha ta nepali ni vet huda rahexan... pm me yaar
    Kehi kura garam na hudena


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