Girls, Which one would you prefer more on guys? Shirts or T-shirts?

The question is simple as above and I've included polls :)
Also can you mnetions which types of T-shirts/Shirts?
Thanks ^_^
  • I'd prefer Shirts more on guys
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  • I'd prefer T-Shirts more on guys
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  • Go Shirtless Son..! ;D
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  • I think the human mind is all about variation. Anything that's mundane will not go well.

    I do wear suits all the while and am well appreciated for that. But wearing a suit for evening tea at a coffee shop on a casual count will be over doing it :D

    YOU can buddy, go shirtless lol bet you'll make women swoon (and maybe a few gays too)

  • Muscular people look good on T shirts but skinny people look geeky... hence for skinny ones, shirts are the best.
    I used to wear shirts only. But as soon as i got muscular after a year, i started wearing T-shirts. Lol
    Please don't look at my oic because it is 3 years older lmao!!

  • I've some sense of fashion and can tell you only teens would rather T-shirt than Shirt. Long Sleeves shirt gives you more mature look and if you really don't like Shirts go for somethings that has collar like Polo.

  • I guess i won't look sexy cause all i wear is t-shirts with designs on them


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